Our Program

Our six to twelve month, full time residential program is proven to produce consistent high quality, client centered care. Grounded in compassion, we are designed to empower every woman to reach life long sobriety and achieve the successes she desires in life. Windsor Life Centre’s Christian-based treatment philosophy integrates relational excellence with attention to the realities of recovery by helping women to strengthen five core aspects of self:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Social

How do we do this?

We at the Windsor Life Centre understand addiction is complicated and unique for each individual. We provide customized treatment plans as a key feature of our program by examining each client’s strengths, treatment needs, and coping abilities. Upon admission to Windsor Life Centre and throughout the treatment stay, our team evaluates the client’s progress and adjusts the treatment plan as necessary.

Program Phases

Phase 1: Stabilization & Restoration Phase (Month 1-6):


Part One: Stabilization Phase

Our clients develop a stable foundation of safe and healthy living.





Part Two: Restoration Phase

Our clients process unresolved traumatic memories, identify and mourn losses, challenge shame and guilt, and learn to manage emotions in a healthy manner.

Phase 2: Training & Transition Phase (Month 6-12):

Part One: Training Phase

Residents apply skills learned in previous phases to reintegrate with the outside world.




Part Two: Transition Phase

WLC residents prepare to return to society. Clients acquire transferable skills and prepare for employment and/or post-secondary schooling. The Transition Stage develops a practical and individualized transition plan, which includes implementation of relapse prevention strategies. This stage concludes in graduation, which marks the resident’s completion of the program.

Ready for change?


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