Our History

Cathy Ciaramitaro, Founder and President, was impacted by the devastating effects of drug and alcohol abuse her entire life. Her early childhood years were terrorized by an abusive, alcoholic father who robbed her of a healthy upbringing. Ridden with shame, she began to dabble in drugs to fit in, but as her teenage years progressed she lost several of her close friends to drug overdoses. She curbed her drug use, hating what she saw it did to destroy lives and wished for a way to help people break free from its grip. The seed was planted in her heart, but she had no understanding of how or what to do about it.

At the age of 18, her life was dramatically changed by an encounter with God and she became devoted to ministry and helping others.  Eventually, she ended up pastoring and continually saw the negative impact of addiction in many of the families that came through the church. They were grateful to be able to refer men struggling with drugs and alcohol to a large Teen Challenge Centre in London, Ontario. However, at that time, there was little to help women.  All too often, women would come into the church wanting freedom, but were living on the streets or with some drug dealer using them in the sex trade to support their habit. Her determination to build a home then grew to action after witnessing the death of a beautiful young woman, a twin sister to a church attender, as they pulled the plug on her after an overdose.

Ciaramitaro began sharing with others the need for a women’s home as the vision grew inside of her. Soon, many others came alongside her and began to meet and strategize how this could happen.  Shortly after she started her strategy meetings, a large ministry, “Life Today Outreach” planted a large financial seed to help launch the project. Soon a blueprint for the house was in place and her small group of women she named “Ambassadors” began fundraising events. The first was a walkathon, then a gala, and later on, a group of men jumped on board with a Golf Tournament. As the construction of the home began, more and more churches, ministries, businesses, and private donors joined in with their financial support.

The Windsor Life Centre was dedicated on September 16, 2012 by James Robinson and officially opened in April 2013 with a debt free facility on land donated by Windsor Christian Fellowship. With the help of many amazing people, the dream became a reality. Ciaramitaro gives credit to many people that have partnered alongside her give birth to the vision.  With large and small ministries, such as the 700 Club and Kenneth Copeland Ministries, businesses and individuals, lives are being changed daily and hope and faith are restoring broken lives and families.


Our Successes

See how Windsor Life Centre has been changing lives all across Canada.

  • Testimonial

    After graduating from the Windsor Life Centre’s 12-month program, Aleisha completed a six-month internship with our fundraising and development team, as she became interested in helping to raise funds for the Centre that helped to change her life. Aleisha was later hired as a full-time staff member of Windsor Life Centre, where she worked as a part-time Support Worker and a part-time Fundraising & Events Assistant.  We are proud to see Aleisha driven and motivated while in pursuit of her calling. She is working hard towards a life of excellence at an apprenticeship in North Carolina.  Aleisha is outgoing & enthusiastic and is enjoying a new life of freedom, friends and family. She continues to explore new opportunities and is committed to giving back to the community by sharing hope with those who find themselves in the same pit of addiction she once found herself in. Aleisha believes in dreaming BIG and is committed to her recovery and to the recovery of others.

  • Testimonial

    Stephanie grew up in a happy home, surrounded by a loving family yet her mind was filled with chaos and darkness. In her 31 years she has struggled with eating disorders, depression, mental health issues, self-hatred, alcoholism, and drug abuse. She chose to believe lies that were condemning and they kept her from finding her true purpose. She had lost all hope and all desire to keep pushing. The only thing she had left was the bottle to drown her failures and sorrows in. Fear lied, stole and terrorized her until she made the courageous decision to walk through the doors of WLC. Now she is free from the chains that held her captive. She sees her value in life and she now knows that perfect love casts out all fear. She will continue to take heart, hold onto hope, and take courage again, and again, and again. We were excited to celebrate Stephanie’s graduation over the holiday season and we’re happy to see her take on an Internship in the Windsor Life Centre kitchen. She’s looking forward to life and expecting God to use her to be a testimony for women of all ages.

Meet Our Team

Recovery is a life long journey. Here are the individuals who will come along side to help you.

Linda Armaly

Linda Armaly

Executive Director
Shannon Coghill

Shannon Coghill

Program Coordinator
Catherine Ciaramitaro

Catherine Ciaramitaro


Our Principles

a5 Our Principals

Windsor Life Centre exists solely to guide and support women to make the right decisions that result in a new reality for them, their families, and our communities.

We believe that all women who choose to come in and explore our biblically centred program can become completely free from addiction. We envision our communities full of women free from addiction and leading purpose-filled lives, positively affecting their families, friends, and communities for the greater good of our city, region, province, and country.

Windsor Life Centre’s program is based on the following belief structure:

  • We believe in faith in God to set people free.
  • We believe in treating the whole person - mind, body, soul and spirit.
  • We believe personal responsibility is the first step towards recovery.
  • We believe every woman should be treated with compassion and dignity.
  • We believe that a restored woman positively impacts her family and community for generations to come.

As part of its foundation and treatment methodology, our program further asserts that:

  • A Christ-centred approach is the best method for treating addictions—and the only true way for long-term healing and life contentment.
  • Learning personal responsibility for the choices we have made and will make is essential to full recovery.
  • A recovery program must be supportive, nurturing, loving, and respectful.



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