Admissions Information

Our admission process is as follows:

  1. Call the WLC Intake Office at 519-972-8160 or email for more information and/or application.
  2. Forward the completed application to Windsor Life Centre by email to or fax 519-972-8293.
  3. Our Intake Coordinator will call to arrange an assessment interview with the Centre staff.
  4. The senior staff will decide acceptance into the Christian based program—faith based beliefs are not required to enter the program, but the applicant must be comfortable with faith based teaching and attending church services and classes.
  5. If you are accepted into Program, we will require a police clearance, medical, and lab forms prior to entrance.
  6. Your intake date will be provided and we will inform you of any further information prior to entrance into the program.

Windsor Life Centre does require a total payment of $1,100.  This payment is non-refundable and monthly payment plans can be set up, if applicable.

Please note that we are here to assist you through the application process. Any questions or concerns please call the WLC Office at 519-972-8160.

Q. Can life-controlling drug and alcohol addictions be reversed?

Yes! We believe that all women who choose to come in and openly explore our Christian-based, long term program can become completely free from drug and alcohol dependency. Addiction is not a life-time sentence: you can be free. Recent research at UCLA has demonstrated that "addiction is not for life" ("5 Damaging Myths about Addiction," CNN).

Q. How do we tell our daughter/sister/spouse that she has a problem with alcohol or substances?

Personal recognition and ultimate acceptance of responsibility begins with the individual herself. Only she can stop lying to herself and admit the truth: that she is enslaved to a substance, a corrosive way of life, and needs to be delivered from her current daily ritual. Without this crucial recognition, her situation will further degenerate.

There are, however, strategies that supportive family members and friends can adopt that can help the addict come to this honest recognition before any more damage can be done. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Read and share with the individual the Windsor Life Centre Intake Brochure. This concise brochure outlines the common experiences that family and friends encounter with addicts, and lists typical symptoms and signs of addiction.
  • Direct the individual to our website. Gently suggest that she may want to explore our resources. The underpinning of addiction treatment is compassion. Your loved one needs first to understand that she is loved and valued. From this understanding she can reach out for help. Our resources provide detailed information about our long term program. Let her discover the program for herself.
  • Once she has informed herself about our program, begin frank discussions about practical matters like child-care, money, and health matters, and just how you are prepared to support her as she begins her new life. Your love and support are the foundation for her to take the first step.
Q. What if my friend/loved one doesn't want to go to WLC or they don't think they have a problem? Do you give advice? Who do I call?
  • WLC is a voluntary program and is not a lock-down facility. The resident needs to want to be here.
  • They need to admit they have a problem and want help. Although we cannot give advice on what to say to them, we recommend that you speak the truth with love, care and concern and NOT in judgement or criticism.
  • WLC does not do interventions or make referrals to interventionists.
  • If your loved one is suicidal or mentally unstable, please take the situation seriously and direct them to the psychiatric and mental health professionals at the hospital, or call 911.
Q. Do you help addicts with early withdrawal?

No. WLC is not a medical facility. It is the expectation that program applicants will have worked through withdrawal from physical dependency on all substances prior to entering our program. Please note that verifiable withdrawal and detox is a requirement of admission to the program.

Our detailed application process provides specific instructions for candidates to follow before they are granted admission to the program. We care about you, and we work with you well before you enter our program.

Q. How long does the application process take to complete?

The entire process varies from 72 hours to 2 weeks. In processing an application we consider:

  • Willingness to change
  • Overall Mental health
  • Medical condition
  • Legal status, past and present
  • Outstanding arrest warrants
  • Overall suitability
Q. What is your application process?

Windsor Life Centre maintains a rigorous step-by-step application process. As part of the application process, candidates are expected to go through the withdrawal process with the aid of community resources that support sobriety before entering the Windsor Life Centre program.

Here is a brief outline of our process. Once early eligibility has been established, candidates are placed on the Waiting List. While on the waiting list, candidates are expected to perform three steps before entering the program:

  1. Withdrawal: The candidate is expected to withdraw from alcohol and substances entirely in preparation for program entrance. Verification of sobriety is mandatory.
  2. Weekly Calls: While on the waiting list, program candidates are required to call the Windsor Life Centre regularly to check in.
  3. Community Resources: Program candidates are expected to use necessary community resources to aid in withdrawal and maintain continued sobriety.
  4. Reading materials prior to entrance. While on the waiting list, we may send the program candidate some reading materials in preparation for entrance to the WLC program.

If you’re ready to take your life back and to apply, then please see our online fillable application form.

Q. Are there costs associated with entrance to the WLC program?

Not many. Windsor Life Centre endeavors to cover all practical costs of the one-year program, including room and board, curriculum, counseling and nutritious meals for our residents throughout the program.

$100 one-time interview fee
$1,000 one-time entrance fee (A payment plan will be put in place for those who cannot pay the fee up front.)
All fees are non-refundable.

Additional costs include:

Return Travel: Residents who are from outside the Windsor-Essex county must also provide funds to cover return-travel costs for those who leave the program early. This money is held in trust on behalf of the resident by Windsor Life Centre.

Police Checks and Medical Records: Residents are also required to obtain a Police Background Check through the Ontario Provincial Police as well as medical records from their general practitioner at their own expense prior to entrance to the program.

Medical and Dental Expenses: While attending the WLC program, residents are responsible for all medical and dental expenses incurred. All fees are payable by cash, money order, or credit card and are to be made out to Windsor Life Centre.

Q. How can I pay for my interview and entrance fees if I do not have available funds?

We suggest you seek assistance from family, friends, community or church, but for those who are unable to pay fees prior to arrival, WLC will set up a feasible payment plan.

Q. Is the Windsor Life Centre program a difficult one?

Windsor Life Centre’s program is balanced and demanding—it requires the active involvement of the resident to achieve true freedom from addictions.

The program is comprised of a healthy routine and full daily schedule variously involving classes and studying, work details, and volunteering. Most residents require time to adjust to the regimented structure, as you probably will too. But once you have begun the process of openly participating in the healthy routine and new life, you will discover self-confidence, discipline and practical life skills essential to your recovery and lifelong success.

One of the hardest things to do, however, is to admit that you have a life-controlling addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and that you need to do something about it—and need help to overcome it.

Q. May a resident leave the program at any time?

Yes. Residents are free to exit the program at any time; however, once they leave the program their file is closed and we are unable to re-admit them for a minimum of six months. Residents, who choose to leave prior to graduation, will be driven to the nearest bus, train or airport terminal – as per their pre-arrangements prior to entering the program. Personal effects will be stored for 7 days maximum.

Q. What age group of women do you treat? Am I too old for your program?

You are never too old to start over and get your life back. Our program, however, does legally require that our residents be of at least 18 years of age to be admitted to our residential program.

You must, however, sincerely desire to change your life, thinking, and

former approaches to life’s problems. You must also be willing to consider biblical solutions to the difficulties of life. It is essential that you enter the program with an open mind and be willing to learn, despite your age, class, or former background or position and social status in life.

Q. Can I work while in the WLC program?

No, due to the rigorous schedule of our program, residents are not able to be employed, seek employment or go to school while in the program.

Q. Am I able to take narcotic medication while at WLC?

No. We do not admit residents who currently take prescription narcotics.

Q. What do I need to bring?

It is essential that you bring the following:

  • Health Card and Social Insurance Number card.
  • Birth Certificate, Driver’s License, and passport and immigration papers, if applicable.
  • Names and contact information—addresses and phone numbers—for probation officer and lawyer, as well as information and documents pertaining to court orders, as applicable.
  • Complete information regarding court orders and appearances, including dates and times, and specific court, judge, charge, and all accompanying paperwork, as applicable.
  • List of prescribed medications. All prescription medication must be approved by the Intake Coordinator upon admission to the program.

Please do not bring any bedding, linen, blankets, or pillows. These are provided by Windsor Life Centre. Note that WLC makes available other special items as they become available to the Centre by donation.

Upon acceptance to our program, you will receive the Windsor Life Centre Women’s Student Manual. If you are unsure regarding what you may safely bring with you, then please consult the sections “Approved List of Products” and “Dress Code.”

Q. May residents see their children and family members while they are enrolled in the program?

Yes. Residents, upon arrival, are required to provide Windsor Life Centre with a contact list of friends and immediate family members. Up to five previously approved friends and family members may visit the resident at the Centre during regularly scheduled visiting hours, Saturdays between 1.00PM and 4.00PM.

We do not have accommodations for out-of-town visiting families on-site. Please consult the Internet for hotels nearby.

Please note that no conjugal visits are permitted. Visits from previous or current unmarried romantic partners are prohibited.

We realize that it is difficult to be separated from loved ones, particularly spouses and children. However, please remember that this brief time of separation is for you to recover your life so that you may live a purpose-driven life for you and them. You are giving one year so that you may recover your entire life.

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